My Mind and Bodi

We are on a mission to get 1,000,000 Parents,adults,youth from Aug 4, 2001 to Aug 4, 2002 to help us in publishing the longest list of non-smokers in the world.
We are going to publish the list in a Book called CASE CLOSED next Aug 4, 2002. We want to help youth understand the effects of tobacco. Please visit our site if you are wanting to quit smoking, thinking about starting, are a nonsmoker, parent worried about your child smoking.


We provide:

  • quit smoking
  • quit smoking events
  • Alternative smoking ideas (such as UK E Cig Reviews) for those that struggle alone.

WELCOME ALL TO THE START OF A NEW BEGINING. We are looking forward to putting your name in our book to help jump start a smoke free society. If you are and advocate for nonsmokers rights, a nonsmoker, or someone who is trying to quit you have come to the right place. We want your name in our book for yourself and your family to put on your shelf to help you as a reminder of your commitment not to smoke. Even show your children or nieces and nephews to help them not to pick up the habit. Your name will be placed in a book with 1,000,000 other names. When you purchase a shirt from us you will receive:

1. Our unique copyright protected shirt

2. Your name placed in our “Case Closed” book along with 1,000,000 others who have made the same commitment.

3. Your chance to win over 100,000 in prizes and cash

4. You can apply to “Bury the Cause, Not the Victim” Foundation after Aug 4, 2002 for help with college tuition or books.

Please remember the greatest prize of all, that you can give yourself or the ones you love is not starting or helping the ones you love not start or continue a fatal habit.

My Mind and Bodi – My Mind and Bodi

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